Monday, January 17, 2011

The year of savoring & not perfecting

Time keeps moving so quickly and I feel like it's a losing battle trying to do what I need to do and find time to do the things I want to do.
I've decided part of the year of me is savoring the times I have.  You can never have everything you want and still do everything you need to do.  If I take a step back from having to do everything and enjoy the little moments that I do, I wouldn't always feel like I'm chasing the unattainable.
So here is a recap of some the memories I've amassed this week.
TG is not at a point where she freely goes to pee and poop in the potty by herself.  As she finishes, she shouts for me and awaits bowlegged so I can wipe and clean her up.  I've asked her if she wants the portable potty but she looks at me with the look of confusion and responds, "No. Potty in bathroom."
Today she asked to wear underpants.  DH isn't ready just yet to venture out or nap without a diaper so we slapped one on her (she protested) for her nap.  I'm not sweating the potty learning.  When she is ready she'll tell us.  Heck, look she told us she wanted underpants now.
TG is keen on showing her friends how to be an engineer and conductor with DH's electric train.  It's quite adorable.  Her friends now say 'engineer' and 'conductor' readily.
At some point in a toddler's life, chairs become a tool not just an object.  TG has hit this stage.  Both DH and I have found her toddling into her play area and dragging one of her chairs back to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, etc. 
Oh and all those 'stunt baby' games DH played with my then infant daughter has now produced 'stunt toddler'.  She's able to climb onto the bedroom couch, balance across the back, step onto the nightstand and dismount but leaping onto the bed.  She bounces up and says with hands up in the air, "Ta Da" and demands you applause her achievement.  Joy.
Back to diapers, pee and poop, TG now wakes up in the middle of the night and loudly proclaims, "Would you like to change my diaper?"  Yes, it would be an honor, young offspring.  Remember this when you may have to change mine.
I'm way behind on my daughter's journal.  In December, life got the better of me but then in January technology got the better of us.  DH surprised me with a purchase of a new hard drive and we are in the midst of now transferring data, creating new backups and resetting our time machine.
I know we'll get it done soon.  This will not be like her year 2 book which is still in development (it's in my brain).  Currently, I've been trying to work on it while TG is napping.  I think I've loaded everything up to 2010.  Slowly but surely I will get there.