Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vacation, Family Style

My child is existing on a beige diet. Plain white pasta, not even whole wheat. No veggies; she spit out the tomatoes she normally likes. No meat; DH tried to sneak in a piece of pork but she called him out and that led to no more eating for the rest of the day.
I'm just doing deep breathing exercises and nursing like a fiend. Since she's not eating anything, she's been at the milk bar every chance she gets. I'm not so concerned as at least I have the nursing to make me feel as if she's getting some sustenance.
As for Z, she's not eating as much either. After the initial fears, which we chalk up to her thinking we were going to the vet, she settled in and even met some of the farm animals. The donkey and her didn't get along but I think she's smitten with a horse. Go Z.
DH and I are doing well. We had a rough start at the beginning. DH isn't the easiest to be around when he is ill. I suppose going to the farm country during Fall allergy season was a bad thing. Duly noted.