Sunday, September 05, 2010

She's not cooking? Gasp!

Some might say I'm sadistic but I've decided that I am not preplanning or packing anything for this small getaway we are planning.
This momma is burnt and she needs to getaway. Unfortunately getaways these days involve toddler activities and not ashrams and retreat centers.
Still, it will be nice to getaway from the daily life for just a bit.
Because of this, I have decided I will not pack any of my child's favorite foods like I normally do. Every day my bag is filled with enough food to feed a small toddler for the entire day. Every day, my child has moved further and further away from her usual pasta, tomatoes, squash and apples. All it is now is cheese. It used to be jack cheese and cheddar cheese. Now it's mozzarella cheese and only mozzarella cheese.
It's painful for me.
I know she's growing and pooping and still nursing so she's getting nutrients but this desire to eat cheese, crackers and water as her primary sustenance is killing this cooking momma.
I've read this is a phase and to let it go. Besides, the French exist on practically the same diet.
Where did my child go who loved salmon and chicken and squash?
Therefore, I've decided I will not kill myself making a ton of food she will not eat anyhow. This is supposed to be a semi-relaxing mini-vacation.
Stay tuned to see if I survive.