Sunday, September 19, 2010

Playing ball on the street like a NYC kid should

We made for yesterday's lack of family day by making today count.
We went to Battery Park City and enjoyed the day playing sports, making recyclable music instruments, watching the boats pass by and staring at the Statue of Liberty.
TG loved playing in the closed city street. She learned about bowling and hockey. She 'drove' around in her push cart. She played basketball with us. We played pretend choo choo train with a hula hoop.
We made a horn and a shaky can.
We listened to some country rock music and jazz music and saw an accordion. We saw a tap dancer and listened to a jazz singer.
Afterwards we went home and gave TG a much needed bath. It had been a few days since we gave her a bath and DH was certain a protective shell had formed on our daughter.
She slept 13 hours straight, waking up once for a brief diaper change.
This allowed us a few good hours of vegging time for DH and I. We sat on our couch, snacking on plums and clearing out our DVR for the new fall season.
It was a very good day.