Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goodbye Zoe. We love you.

On Tuesday we said goodbye to a loyal friend and family member, Zoe.
After 13 great years with us, we parted ways.
One year ago, we said goodbye to Pinner, another loyal friend.
DH and I have never been without a pet in our home.
The place feels a bit empty and I sometimes swear I hear Zoe rummaging in the kitchen.
DH and I talked about this before the time came and we said we'd wait until TG was a bit older before we thought of adding another four legged friend into our household again.
There is an eerie weight lift but a strange emptiness.
I don't know if DH feels the same.
I'm glad we took Zoe with us to our last family vacation and I'm glad she was able to enjoy a little last adventure before her big adventure up in the sky.