Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Finders Keepers, right?

I love my husband very much but I'm pretty sure that his real name is 'Forgetful Jones'.
Actually that's my name for him which I say endearingly and with a very bad drawl.
I have this game I play every time he leaves the house. If I played this game with alcohol, I'd be plastered 24/7.
No matter what, my husband will always return within 15 minutes to find something he forgot or misplaced.
If I am home, he will call me to 'throw it out the window'.
If I am home, he will call me or text me to find said item(s).
If I am not home, he will text me to ask me if I have seen said item(s).
He's called me while I was at the woman doctor's feet up in the stirrups, to ask if I knew where the extension cords were.
He's texted me while I was on the bus to ask if I've seen TG's sunscreen.
He's texted me to tell me that he's left his canteen in the recycling area of our building and to please bring it upstairs.
This forgetfulness has lead to him buying:
2 very expensive pairs of headphones (both within 3 days of purchase)
3 pairs of expensive sunglasses (b/c the cheap $10 pairs I buy have 'glare')
3 stainless steel canteens
and a slew of other things
This all during the span of 3 months (the summer).
We're not made of money. Forgetting the monetary issue, our planet really doesn't need us to consume more than necessary.
I bought him 7 programmable locator swatches for his things. He spent an entire week programming them and using them and then systematically took them off his things because 1) they were too bulky and 2) "our daughter keeps reprogramming them."
So I'm left to be the 'finder of things'.
So far, TG is a finder as well. I only pray she stays a finder and not a forgetful.