Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cleaning Day Part II

Today we skipped a family outing to finish our fall cleaning.
Yesterday was so successful, we continued today.
In the am I took TG to go bike riding in her new balance bike while DH mopped and vacuumed the house. In the pm, I took over cleaning and finished dusting and reorganizing the bathroom, hallways, bedroom, bedroom closets, dining room and living room play area bins.
I think it's time for the Christmas cleanup. I made a mental list of toys and stuff I want to donate to make room for Christmas. I plan to head to Target next week and pick up some storage bins for the summer clothes and other items to store.
TG is still holding up with the cleaning. She's helping out a little more and even though she's clingy, she seems to be a little more understanding.
I'm also taking alot of breaks in between to sit with her and work on puzzles, nurse, etc.
The nursing has helped. I nurse for a bit and then tell her that I need to do some things she can help me with.
I know DH doesn't approve but it really does help.