Friday, August 06, 2010

Time to meditate again.

Lately, I've been extremely stressed out.
I think part of it stems from how I'm always on the go.
As soon as I come home, I'm in wifey mode. I'm cleaning the house, cooking and starting to plan for the next day (lunches, pack bags, etc). Right after dinner, it's nighttime parenting mode. In between nighttime parenting mode, I'm back to wifey mode trying to spend time with DH while cleaning the house and finishing the preparations for the next day.
It's a never ending cycle.
I'm not complaining. I chose this and I'm ok. I'm just tired.
It's hard being responsible for cooking, prepping, taking out the trash, dishes, appointments, schedules and the lot.
I think it's time for a massage. It's a temporary fix but I think a much needed one.