Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shoo, Fly, Don't Bother Me

My daughter is not fond of flies. A fly landed on her while eating five days ago.
Ever since, every time she sees a flying insect in our house she screams, "Fly Shoo!" and then runs to me.
Her newest thing is either carrying a rolled up piece of construction paper or her broom or duster as a weapon.
So I tried to teach her Fly Shoo isn't the fly's name but rather a way to tell the fly to scram.
So I sang Shoo Fly with animation and movements. (I had no idea I was so talented.)
She just looked at me as if I was making up a song and doing some crazy dance, which she has been doing nowadays.
My favorites is 'Mommy and the Daddy'. (I'd sing you the lyrics but I just wrote them.)
So I looked up Shoo Fly on youtube, like any modern day parent, and showed her a bunch of toddlers singing shoo fly.
She wasn't entertained. However, I stepped out of the room to grab her a glass of water and when I returned she was in hysterics asking for me to replay the last video.
I thought, great she liked the last one.
I hit reload and to my surprise, she had somehow clicked onto this lovely 'Shoo Fly'.

Great, now my daughter is finding pleasure in the destruction of a housefly.
Should I be worried?