Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rare discussion on an online store.

I use drugstore.com. I'm sure I could find prices that are cheaper elsewhere but for convenience and the never ending drugstore dollars I keep earning, has kept me coming back.
I have been tempted to use soap.com though as they are the sister company of diapers.com and I love the 48 hour delivery service for diapers. Again, I'm sure I can find a better deal on diapers elsewhere but for convenience I've used diapers.com on more than one occasion.
When I first heard soap.com was opened I was pretty excited at the prospect of one shopping cart for two stores. That was until I looked at the prices for some of their items.
Good grief, the prices were double some of the prices I saw at drugstore and drugstore isn't cheap.
I figured until they work the kinks out, I'm holding off on ordering anything from soap.com.
Well, they got me to order something.
They sent me a promotion where I would receive 15% off diapers for 6 months if I ordered just one from soap.com.
How could a mom pass that up. Diapers aren't cheap and they seem to only get more expensive as your child grows.
So I vowed to ordered the bare bones and only items that were within reasonable price to their nearest competitor.
I found several items that I needed that seem to be within a reasonable price and purchased them. The same day, I figured I might as well complete my drugstore.com order as well.
I didn't do this intentionally but household supplies were on the brain.
I figured soap.com would arrive first and probably by the end of the week I would receive my drugstore.com order.
Low and behold, both orders came in at the same time today, within 24 hours of initial order.
Is drugstore.com revamping their delivery and pricing? I'm really impressed.