Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Please don't steal my kid's diapers

I ran out of diapers today. I was expecting to and wasn't alarmed because I was expecting my diapers.com order to arrive in the evening just before TG's bath.
Unfortunately for today, the UPS tracker says it arrived but I don't have my pretty corrugated box with diapers.com blazoned on the side.
So after her bath, I scrounged around and found, a handful of newborn diapers and size 4 diapers in her play drawer. (Holy cow newborn diapers are hysterically small now.) I also had 5 swim diapers, 1 pair of sample Huggies Good Nites that looked as if two children could fit into it and a handful of Pampers Underjam samples sized for kids 36 lbs and up. My child is 25 lbs on a good meal day.
I slapped an Underjam on my child and prayed she didn't poop before bed or leak overnight.
UPS claims it was left at my door at 6:18pm but I was home at 6:18pm giving my child a bath. I had the door open and was purposefully listening for the doorbell for my much needed shipment.
Now I can only hope 1) my neighbor took in my package or 2) this is a dream (in which, I'd have to say I need to go out more because I'm dreaming about diapers and UPS).
I'd call diapers.com now but I don't want to jump the gun if my neighbor has it. Seriously my regular UPS guy is phenomenal. Lately we've had two or three new delivery guys come by so I'm not sure what's the deal there.
Then there is the ultimate question, why would you steal a box that says 'diapers' all over the darn thing?
I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is a big misunderstanding.
If not, then we are in a sad state of affairs where someone has to steal diapers.