Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Paper, Glue and Scissors

I was able to get some memory book time in on Sunday when DH took TG out for a bike riding hunting for dinner. We rarely eat out so it was a nice chunk of time just for me while they were away.
I was able to finish December 2008-March 2009 of TG's memory book. I need another block of time like that to hopefully make it to at least July 2009.
I'm giving myself until December to be caught up. I need to be aggressive about this if I am to make my deadline.
DH asked me why memory books aren't books that you make presently about the past. "Why are you making a book about the present for the future?" Honey, at this rate the present is the past.
I suppose I could make my life easier and use the grandparent presents as the memory book. For the past two years, we've given the grandparents memory collages or books or calendars. I'm probably going to keep this tradition but I want something unique for the grandparents and unique for TG.
That's the Mothra coming out of me.
It's not as active as it once was but it's still there, lying dormant with only an occasional stir between hibernation.
As I started to pull my memory book gear out, TG got the excited look of a mini-Mothra. She loves anything arts and craftsy that requires tools. She will stop what she's doing whenever she sees me pull out the blue blotter and paper crimper and paper cutter.
I am thrilled I may have a mini-Mothra but at the same time DH is terrified at what bedazzled concoction he may have to wear in the not so distant future.