Sunday, August 22, 2010

My heating pad is my best friend

I hurt my back. It's not terrible but I'm having super weird spasms in the lower region. I'm taking that as a warning if I don't take care of it it will get worse.
I spent the afternoon on my back.
DH ordered Indian and we ate a delicious dinner in the living room together.
I asked DH to help with nighttime parenting and he stayed with us as I nursed her. DH set up the heating pad so I had it pressed on my back and I stayed against the wall all night. If TG asked for a back rub, DH attended to it. If TG needed a diaper change, DH took care of it. He even explained to TG that Mommy didn't feel well and that we'd have to stay in one place to nurse.
DH doesn't really cover nighttime parenting since infancy. It was nice to have some help.