Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm not a biker but for my child I will be

Took a very leisurely and long day bike riding today with TG and DH. Surprisingly it was the first time all summer we three had a biking excursion together. I'm sorry we waited this long.
TG was beaming all day. She didn't stop talking about "mommy and daddy" and "daddy and mommy". She loved it.
We rode down the bike path on riverside park. We stopped by fairway so TG could play with the fountains. She was there for perhaps an hour. We had lunch (whole wheat pizza & squashy stars) then rode towards the annual kite flying festival on 70th.
By the time we arrived, TG was fast asleep. We rode to 59th then cut across to Broadway to buy DH a new pair of sunglasses and then made our way back to Riverside.
We stopped at Hippo playground to play for a while in the sandbox and then made our way home.
TG passed out promptly at 8pm but not before telling us at dinner about "Mommy bicycle" and "Daddy bicycle".
If I can stand tomorrow I'm definitely hoping for another impromptu ride.