Saturday, August 21, 2010

Honey, pick up diapers and underpants. Explain l8r. LU

While visiting my mother for the engagement dowry feast, I ran out of diapers. I thought the diapers I brought plus the back up in the trunk of the car would suffice. Sadly, I forgot the DH factor where the back up supply wouldn't be where it is normally located.
So I had to send DH out to buy some diapers.
That's not the funny part.javascript:void(0)
Well, I also had a certain aunt visiting and well, let's just say I was ill prepared. So I had to send him out for a new pair of underpants for me.
I love my man very much but never send a man out to buy underwear outside of Victoria Secret.
He came back with the largest pair of underpants I have ever seen. I think my maternity underpants look like thongs compared to these bad boys.
"They had those or some that were extra absorbent. I figured those would do."
The waist is so high, it can hold up my itty bitty ninnies. Who needs a push up bra. You've got the all in one underpants.
DH didn't realize just how big they were until I walked out of the bathroom at home and showed him. He couldn't stop smirking.
Thanks honey.
I'll have you know I have now dubbed these the sexy panties.