Thursday, August 26, 2010


My husband took a picture of TG and her two best buddies on one of her buddy's toddler bed. I received it on my phone as I was finishing one of the last meetings of the day. Last meetings of the day means the rest of the day is spent catching up on what I couldn't do while in meetings and making a list and tackling what I need to do from the meetings. In other words, it's a hectic time of focus and stay focused.
That photo though not only gave me the biggest smile of the day but it also highlighted how my baby isn't a baby anymore. It was like three buddies on a bed, chilling.
Then the idea that a photo of her and two boys on a bed in a few years will probably set off other emotions in my head.
I remember when I was kid hanging out on my friend's bed. I don't recall specifics but I do recall how happy and fun and just pure joy it was being with your friends. I hope to God she has strong bonds and friendships. In this crazy high speed, fly by night world, a few good buddies are hard to fine.