Saturday, August 14, 2010

Foot kick equals ouch

Two nights in a row TG has roundhouse kicked me in the face. I'm not happy about this. Both times she chuckled. Both times I covered my eyes and said,"Mommy sad. Mommy hurt."
Usually this illicits empathy and contrition. Both times it took additional talk to receive an apology.
I will say those kicks were the last straw for me both nights.
I was beginning to lose it and think I was going to search for the return policy for my toddler when I realized the kicks were the culprit and that I was in serious need of a mom's night out.
Thank goodness one of my fellow moms had the same idea and yesterday night after another roundhouse kick to the face I left TG with DH and put on some pumps and headed out for sangrias with some mom friends.
I so needed the night and great conversation. The laughter wasn't gut wrenching, except for the time one mom demonstrated the reporting skills of one our favorite local newsman. Still the commiseration was great.
I need to do that more often.