Sunday, August 29, 2010

14 Years and we never had a fight. Hahahahahahahaa

So today is our engagement anniversary. Tomorrow is our coupledom anniversary. I'm splitting hairs though.
Every time this year, if you recall, I cook our traditional, first proposal dinner, steak, yellow rice and peas.
It's just a thing we do every year, for the last 14 years.
This time, we got to share it with our daughter who actually nibbled on some steak for the first time.
When our daughter finally fell asleep, I started thinking about the crazy things I said to myself before child.
We'll never be the couple that speaks only about the children. Ha.
We'll never be the couple who would choose sleep over going out. Ha.
We'll never be the couple that forgets how to be sexy or frivilous. Ha. (Actually, sexy naturally morphs into a different definition. In our case, right now, sexy means we have showered and we don't have a stain on our clothing.)
We'll never forget what it's like to be just a couple without kids. Ha.
It's not all bad though. Yes, I sometimes miss just us.
I miss not having to be one step ahead of planning because with a kid you never know.
I miss being carefree and grabbing just my atm card and a lip gloss and heading out.
I miss being able to sit and not wonder what time it is.
I miss being able to sit on the couch with my husband and watch a 30 minute program in its entirety without pausing it. (or rewatching the first ten minutes a week later when I can finally catch the entire episode).
I miss being able to sleep in late and cuddle with him.
I miss being able to take a personal day and let it be a personal day for me.
I miss rolling over and snuggling with my husband.
I miss being able to grab his tush just because.
But for everything I miss, I know it's still there.
We don't get to sit and veg or even sleep together most nights but when we do, even though it's brief, we can laugh and know we both feel the same way.
When I wished my husband a happy anniversary, I told him that I can't believe it's been 14 years since he carved my name on the rock.
He responded, "I do because I couldn't love you now the way I do if it wasn't."
I guess he's right.
Happy Happy, Baby. I'm so glad you carved my name on that rock.