Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"When you close your eyes and go to sleep"

TG is having some weird dream nowadays. For the past three days, she wakes up screaming and asking for specific objects. Today it was her giraffe but not her regular giraffe but her Sophie giraffe.
Of course in the dead of night, I'm scrambling like a madwomen searching through her pile of pals that act as her headboard and by the time I found her Sophie giraffe, which was wrapped in a diaper three times too big, she was fast asleep again.
I think she's talking in her sleep but she's having actual conversations with me.
I shouldn't be surprised as I do that as well but I've never been on the other end of this.
"Time for bed, TG."
"You can hold the phone but go to bed."
What is nuts though is how she does this even for diaper changes.
"diaper change?"
She pulls the blanket off of her.
She flips over so I can pull up her new diaper.
She flips back to her back.