Monday, June 14, 2010


DH seems to be annoyed that our daughter wakes up when I wake up.
Sure it would be nice to have a quiet moment to myself and yes on occasion she does continue to sleep 30-40 minutes after I've woken up but for the most time she wakes up when I wake up or I wake up when she wakes up.
I know he's annoyed but I don't think I'm unlike other moms, especially moms that work outside of home. Two other moms I know who work outside of home have told me that their child wakes up when they wake up even if it's at an insane hour.
I think it's natural for a toddler.
This issue though ranks up there with the breastfeeding issue. DH thinks it's time to wean. I think that we're slowly and naturally weaning. She has started to not request a nursing session in public now and she is moving towards nursing only at bedtime.
With some parents in our circle, it's a bit different and I think DH is looking at that side of the fence. One child goes to bed in a crib at the same time every day and does not wake up once at night. One child stopped nursing at 4 months.
I think all parenting styles are different and that the most important thing is that the parents of a child can work through their differences and find a support in each other and we need to stop taking the experience of another parent or another child in the same family for that matter as the standard.
A friend told me that her twins have opposite personalities for everything. Food, play, etc. It's making life with 2 2 year olds insane. God bless women who have multiple kids less than 2 years apart from each other. That's intense.