Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mr. Manners on Toddler Dining Manners

DH and I are encountering another dispute regarding parenting styles.
I think TG is old enough to start practicing drinking from a cup. DH dislikes this as he feels that all she does is blow bubbles, stick her hand in it or pours the water into her food.
She does this sometimes but I'm trying to teach her not to.
DH feels that her table manners are atrocious. He dislikes how I allow her to eat from my plate even if her plate has the same exact thing, which it always does.
I figure the grass is always greener and as long as she's eating, I have not problems.
DH wants to teach her to not pick from other people's plates.
I get his point.
I've bought smaller versions of the exact same dishes and cups we eat off of and now I'm trying to have meals with the family using the same plates. I'm hoping this may help.
I don't expect her to be not messy. She's still mastering how to scoop food and stab her food but maybe this will lessen the eat off of mom's plate that DH dislikes.