Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kid Gear just keeps accumulating.

We've hit a point where I think I'm ready for a lightweight stroller.
When we were first researching strollers, we ruled out the behometh ones because of price and logistics. We live in an apartment. Do we really need a bugaboo?
We thought carefully. Ok, I thought carefully and after ingesting large quantities of reviews and guides, I decided on a simple and affordable snap and go for the infant stroller.
When she was old enough and graduated from her infant car seat, we moved up to a mid-sized stroller. We have the Peg Perego P3. I love this baby. It is powerful. We made it through snow storms, up steep stairs, the NYC transit system, etc.
She loves her stroller but it's getting heavier and heavier these days. The stroller is 17 lbs without baby or gear. Tack on a 25 lb kid and maybe a 1-2 lbs of other gear and trying to make your way down narrow stairs on the train is brutal. The death stares from your fellow commuters are as sharp as daggers.
I decided a long time ago that I would no longer use a stroller on the trains. The simple fact is I'm 5'2" tall and I'd probably injure myself trying to carry all this up and down the transit system.
This has worked fine for me as I have always swayed towards the crunchier side of parenting and wear my baby.
DH though has now moved away from wearing TG and uses the stroller. Don't get me wrong, it is brutally hot out there and adding a 25 lb space heater to your front or back is not fun.
DH says he doesn't need another stroller. I know we don't need it but wouldn't an 8 lbs stroller help alleviate the heft?
I figure we'll go to the shops and check out lightweight strollers.
I'm not a big Maclaren fan. The recalls wig me out and the actual seat looks uncomfortable to me. I'm leaning towards the UppaBaby G-Lite but we'll see if TG likes the feel as well.
Who knows. We may just stick with two strollers and skip the third.