Saturday, June 19, 2010

I noticed my child doesn't really stop anyone if they try to take her toy. She sort of just stands there trying to figure out why this person isn't asking to play with her toy.
She's also one of the few kids that will sit and wait her turn for a toy.
I don't know if this is a product of play dates with boys exclusively or not.
When she plays with her team of boys, they are always running about and throwing things and taking things and fighting for things. She kind of stands back and says something once but then stops.
At the same time, if she says something, the boys seem to listen to her. If she says to sit, they sit. If she asks for help, they help. Yet she still doesn't say no when they try to take her toy.
Oh and if she's playing with a toy and it is her turn to play with it, if the boys complain and whine and cry that they want to play, she'll cut short her play time so they can play.
It's really bizarre. Isn't a 2 year old supposed to want to play with something and have no concept of empathy?