Friday, June 25, 2010

Did you put on the sunscreen?

I'm one of those folks who is concerned with the toxic levels of chemicals that our body accumulates over time.
That's why I try to lean towards natural ingredients in everything from clothes, food and products we use at home.
Because of this, I'm a bit bullish with my husband. I always ask him to take the stuff I purchase for TG with him instead of using others.
Since my husband is a male, he'd prefer to pack light. This doesn't always jive.
Still, I'm pretty sure my husband understands where I come from. He has been trying to be better about bringing her sunscreen and bug block with him.
The next thing he's going to hate is the cuts and scrape wash. I like to have it around now because in this heat and humidity, TG is running around in shorts lately and since she's into climbing and exploring, she gets a few scrapes here and there and I like to rinse them out as soon as possible. I like rinsing with water for most cuts but the bigger ones, I like to use a mixture of water and a little benzalkonium chloride, aka antiseptic wash. (I'm a geek that works with scientists.)
I'm not too strong about the wash but I am about the sunscreen so I'm probably going to deal with 2 out of three. Bug Balm and Sunscreen.
Oh and if anyone was wondering, yes, I generally lean towards olive oil on her little bruises. I put it on at night before she goes to bed. You can now call me a crunchy city girl.