Saturday, May 01, 2010

Recalls, Scrapes & Livestock in the City

Are they freaking kidding me? I rarely give any meds to my kid and I finally break down and give her some on Friday night for her irritability and fever due to her cold and it's freaking recalled.
The last time I gave Tylenol to her, there was also another recall. Thankfully that time the recall didn't not include the batch of medicine I had. This time though, the NDC matches the one on our bottle.
It's a brand new bottle too. I'm really miffed. I hate giving her stuff and every time I do, something comes out about a recall. It makes me want to go back to chicken soup and baths. I'm not about to call out for leeches just yet.
Anyway, I took TG to a neighborhood fair with a small petting area. She's been to petting zoos before but this was the first time as a toddler. She was fascinated with the cow but was reluctant to ride a pony or touch an animal. She thought the bunnies burrowing were cute but again didn't want to touch anything.
It worked out anyway as she cut herself playing around in this concrete enclosure. It is a small scrape on the top of her hand. I used antiseptic on it that evening and put some salve on it but it's still red as day. I know it will be fine but it's her first real cut aside from the occasional fingernail scratches. How do kids do that? I swear her nails grow like weeds.