Monday, May 03, 2010

Mom's Day

Mom's Day is coming up. I kind of had a rotten first Mother's Day last year. Still although I'm not asking for anything, secretly it's my day and I really want a nice once this year.
I'm not into gifts. Money is super tight these days. Don't get me wrong I would love a mom shirt I've been eyeing or maybe the mommy and me apron set from Bumkins or even a iTunes gift card but I don't need these things.
DH hasn't asked me what I want. He usually doesn't until the night before. I know. I love him though. Heck, last Sunday he lifted his head up from his iPad and exclaimed in terror, "Oh My God, Honey? Is today Mother's Day?"
I know this sounds ridiculous but I'd love a great big hug from my daughter. I mean one of those grin ear to ear waddle run over to me and knock me over hugs that I get once in a while. Nowadays hugs and kisses are more demure.
She's gotten a bit demure of late.
I'd like a breakfast that isn't waffles and eggs, our very boring usual but I'm happy without anything fancy.
I'd like a family photo day. It's been ages since we've had one but I also understand if we don't have the luxury of time to do so.
I'd like an extra hour of sleep.
I'd like a pony. Just kidding. Who are we kidding the mom always cares for the living creatures at home. I have my hands full with a husband, toddler and elderly pooch.
I'd like to watch a movie in its entirety and not have it take longer than it took to film the darn thing.
I'd like to go to the bathroom in peace and not have anyone ask me what I'm doing or barge in with a toy stroller stacked with stuffed animals.
I'd like to be able to not cook and still have something yummy to eat. That's it. For mom's day I want to be untethered from the kitchen. I don't want take out chinese or pizza but I don't want to cook. I know this is a tall order but maybe just maybe...