Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mom's Day continues

My brother and sister treated us to a delicious lunch at Chinatown yesterday.
It was very nice and we all had a great time.
It was casual and it was great catching up with my brother and sister. Mom looked great too. I really like to see my mom smiling and with color on her face. I only wished my stepdad was there. My sister(in-law)'s parents were there as well. They are so sweet and nice.
I have to say DH is great with TG with meals. It's a great reprieve.
TG had her first eating excursion in Manhattan Chinatown and seemed quite entertained by it all.
We spent the rest of the day in downtime as her sleep routine was interrupted a bit. She actually asked to paint today and started making curving lines which is a big step, according to the development books. She calls them ovals as she really makes an oval. Go figure.
The funniest thing about painting with TG is she really dislikes messes. She stops between painting to clean up.
She's starting to say, "I'm Sorry." but not at the right times. She says she's sorry when she asks for help. I'm trying to teach her that she shouldn't feel sorry asking for help. I guess the whole concept is strange and she probably just thinks it's a salutation. "Sorry. Give me milk, please."
Oh we are still working on the please. She's still saying, "Give me _____." Occasionally when I say, "Give me _____, please." She repeats it. Most of the time, she says, "Ok," smiles and then giggles. I think she knows.
Oh, by the way, if you take a kid to any food with above average sodium, be prepared for major diaper changes.
Aside from the restless night's sleep (usually happens with nap shifts) and bad dreams she had involving her friend Tuna and rainboots (or so I gather from her exclamations), I had to change her diaper 4 times between the hours of 10pm and 4am! I should have guessed it as she sucked down an entire kid size cup of water in the evening.