Monday, May 10, 2010

If this doesn't work, we are GPS'g everything

DH has lost his wallet again.
It's gotten so bad, we now even ask our daughter where she put the items. We get a 40% correct response rate. The other 60% of the time she thinks we are offering her the item.
He will note that although he is absentminded, he usually found the items, with my help, pre-TG. Well, to date, post-TG, we've lost the car key fob that costs $75 freaking dollars, 3-4 ATM cards, his wallet several times, his gym lock and who knows what else.
I have decided he is getting an early Father's present. It's a doodad that tracks 6 items. That should be enough for his keys, remote, wallet, etc... The best thing about this doodad so say the ads and reviews is that each fob can track all 6 items. The likelihood he loses a fob or two is high but 6? Come on. DH, that's not a challenge.