Monday, May 31, 2010

Fleet Week in NYC

We took TG to visit the USS Iwo Jima visiting for Fleet Week. I hadn't been on a navy vessel since my dad took me ages ago. It brought back alot of memories of my brother and I running around on the USS Intrepid.
TG wasn't too keen on the machine guns and rifles. She was pretty scared of them. I wasn't too keen on DH holding one so close to her face but I kept quiet.
Inside the ship there were several smaller boats and large tanks and machines kids could climb on board and explore. As TG was still very young, we climbed on board only a handful. She seemed to be overwhelmed so we made our way onto the deck where they had at least 6-7 aircrafts. At first she was extremely shy and scared but then when she realized she can climb into the 'elliecopter', she was a bit happier and jumped in one. I went to the other side and she found it humorous that I was on the other side of the helicopter.
I don't think she realized the ship we were viewing on the outside was what we were on but she did understand the helicopter. As we left, TG had her first taste of a NYC pretzel.
I know it shouldn't surprise me but as I get older, I realize how young the men and women who protect our country are. God bless them and their family.