Friday, May 07, 2010

Early Mom's Day

DH and TG took me out to a surprise pre-mom's day dinner. It was wonderful. It was later than I'd expect with a toddler but that's ok. When we got there we found out that there would be a jazz musician entertaining us. That was a lovely added bonus especially since TG loves music.
She ate some of the yummy ravioli with bolognese and truffles and gobbled up DH's frites.
My favorite part of the dinner was just how well behaved TG was and how she had a ball playing her pretend piano to the music.
At one point someone requested The Wheels of the Bus for some reason. Well TG soaked that up and loved it.
We walked home together and as I watched DH hold TG's hand as she balanced on a planter curb I knew this alone has made it the best Mom's Day for me.