Saturday, May 15, 2010

Count to Ten

I know AF is coming. I'm on fire lately. My nerves are on edge. Things set me off more quickly than usual.
I'm so tired of it. I just want her to come and be done with but I know AF comes when she comes.
I know I've been snapping at my husband. Things that normally I just keep quiet about is getting harder and harder to be silent over.
I know it's not good to snap at my husband, especially in front of my daughter. For some reason this month in particular it has been very hard for me.
I think it's a mixture of things.
I'm trying to do the count to ten that I taught my daughter, but it gets increasingly harder when all you need is ten seconds to center yourself but folks won't give you that leisure.
I just need some breathing room.
"Suck it up. Get over it."
Push Push Push. I just need a minute.
"I don't know what you are so worked up over."
Please, give me ten seconds.
"I just don't..."
"Ok, that's it. I asked you nicely. Give me room. What don't you get about that request?" and then a laundry list of frustrations comes spewing out.
Does he think the nudging is cute? Does he want to push my buttons? Does he want to see the lid of the teapot boil over?