Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bigger Fish to Fry

We're on day three of bedtime with Why Not Sea Monsters?
Don't get me wrong, it's a good cd. It's not one of his best but it's a good cd with some catchy songs about the New Testament. My issue is that it is only 35 minutes long so it repeats several times while we're in bed.
With the Veggietales cd I made, we have a good 70 minutes of music.
Oh and did I mention that TG has to hear Bigger Fish to Fry at least three times in a row while we are in bed? Thank goodness it's a good song but Lord help me if I hear TG say again, "Fry? Fry? Fish Fry?"
Towards the third iteration of the album, DH snuck into the room and change the radio to an FM station. I think he knew my nerves were shot.
Funny thing is, TG slept past her usual 12 midnight diaper change. I attribute it to the alternative rock radio station.