Monday, May 24, 2010

Aruba Day Three: Notes from the Happy Island

I did buy another sunblock. I figured with my crispy back, I should have something stronger than SPF45. Plus, TG now knows the routine. We get to the beach, we use 'sun lotion'. We go swimming, apply sun lotion. We come back from swimming, apply sun lotion. It's actually super cute now. As soon as I put her on her lounge chair, she reaches for the bag, snags a sunblock and begins applying it on her and her Jay Raffe. DH came by for lunch and chuckled.
DH was able to take some time off this afternoon to spend it with us at the palapa. TG slept for 30-40 minutes outdoors.
It was a much more relaxing day I believe.
DH brought breakfast to us and we had breakfast at the palapa. He came back at lunchtime with sandwiches and drinks.
We noshed and watched the waves lap the shore.
We spent the time as a family and I even had two pina coladas while TG slept.
We returned to our hotel room around 4:30p.
After DH showered, he headed out to the local supermarket for provisions for TG and dinner. I requested seafood.
As he went off to hunt and gather, TG and I showered and cleaned the salty sea off of us. TG again requested a glass of ice water in her plastic champagne glass. Don't get too comfortable with this, TG.
My back is burned beyond burned and lovely DH is too tipsy as he keeps rubbing my back and trying to hug me. I'm in so much pain but he doesn't get it.
I sprayed chilled aloe and tea tree but it is still prickly.
At the beach, I slather painfully SPF 80 on my back. I don't know if it helps as at this point, it just looks red all the time. My back is as red as a cooked crabshell.
DH is still out hunting and TG passed out 30 minutes ago. It's almost 7pm now. I'm not sure if this is her sleep or another nap. We'll play it by ear.
Worst comes to worst, she can take a trip downstairs to help me pick up a dessert or fruit smoothie.
As we were laying under the palapa talking, I flashed back to my childhood. In the summers, we would spend time at the local country club where under the shade, we'd play scrabble or snack on homemade cold chicken. I mentioned it to my husband and he noted how different our childhoods were and how blessed our child is and how blessed we are to receive these experiences and to share them with our daughter.
We are very thankful and feel very blessed.