Thursday, May 27, 2010

The aftermath, the day after a vacation.

Yesterday, TG got to see airplanes land up close and personal. We parked our car in the airport longterm parking area which is in the direct path of landing airplanes. I showed TG how the tiny bright light is an airplane and how it gets bigger and bigger as it draws near. Then I told her to cover her ears and she watched as the airplane flew overhead. She exclaimed, "Wow! Airplane! Noisy!"
Subsequent airplanes passed and each time, she covered her ears without a reminder.
DH videotaped it to show her.
Today, she's been requesting the airplane video nonstop.
When we got home, all three of us were exhausted but hungry. We ordered takeout and TG scarfed down the noodle soup. She was loopy with exhaustion. At one point she started lapping her bowl pretending to be our dog. She would giggle whenever she was able to extract a noodle with her mouth.
DH had his final today. He's uber stressed. I tried to make it a little more relaxing at home. I vaccummed and dusted and completed 4 loads of laundry. I had meant to do his laundry as well but when I made it to the laundry room, I found that he had accidently left our towels in the basement and someone was kind enough to move them to the side. No one touched them for an entire week! Go figure.
He came home, noshed on some homemade grub and as we tried to watch our home movies, we passed out, all three of us on the couch. Four, if you count our dog who was on the floor.
Since we've gotten home, TG has been pooping up a storm. I think the change in food effected her digestive system. All day she asked for her favorite, butternut squash. I figure the next few days will be funky poop days. She's already pooped three times!
DH chuckled at the sight of our fridge. When he left for his final, the fridge was the emptiest he had seen in a while. When he returned, he could barely keep it closed. I know I'm technically still on vacation but after the vacation food, I'm ready for some good home cooking and I believe TG and DH are as well.