Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Toddler cuteness

TG loves music and sings and dances often. She's most endearing when she sings her lullaby CD, a VeggieTales compilation.
She sings 'God is So Good' and the 'Thankfulness Song' which she says is the 'Family Song' based on the line, 'for my friends and family.'
TG is also saying, "Thank You Mommy" and "Thank You Daddy." My heart grows 8 times when she says it. It could be for a simple thing such as giving her some chicken to eat. When she says those three words, a smile warms my face.
She hasn't said, "I love you." completely yet. She has said it but as a repeat not as a statement. She also doesn't kiss but allows a kiss when you ask for a kiss.
Her hugs are more like pats on the bat but they are adorable and she hugs most of her stuffed buddies and has names for many of them that she has started to name.
At night if she wakes up and we don't hear her calling for us, she walks out with her Jay Raffe, her cell phone (an old iPod) and either her Whale, Dolly or Little Raffe. It's so cute seeing her hands full, bed hair and groggy.