Thursday, April 08, 2010

TG talks in her sleep. It's actually cute.

I worked nearly 12 hours today. I'm so exhausted.
Coming home late threw TG off too. She napped at 12 noon but didn't go to bed until 9pm.
I'm not sweating it anymore. As long as she somehow gets 12-13 hours sleep total (which she somehow does) I'm fine with it. Sure it would be great for her to nap during around 5 hours after she wakes up and to go to bed around 8pm but it is what it is.
I've noticed a little more meltdowns if we don't try to follow this but it's difficult to maintain this especially as DH and I have more to dos and TG is getting older.
I try to keep this schedule as much as possible but if I can't I try to stay tuned in to her as much as possible. I suppose that's why folks call this time period the terrible twos.