Friday, April 30, 2010

Tantrums and Traits

TG did a humorous yet scary thing today. She has started to show her displeasure in me. In other words when she is not happy with me, she reacts. She turns away from me and refuses to look at me. It's brilliant as it's as if I'm looking into a mirror but it's horrendously scary as she's not even 2 and out of all the traits to pick up, she's got to pick up my stubbornness.
This can't be good, can it?
She started to have real tantrums too. Twice she has thrown whatever object was in her hand in displeasure. Once, she even threw her beloved lovey. My response didn't help the situation I suppose. "Go ahead and throw your lovey but it only hurts your lovey. Sorry, Jay Raffe. Are you ok?" She quickly scrambled to pick up her love and continued to cry and sit on the floor.
I'm trying to tell her it's ok to be upset but it is not ok to throw things but it's hard to rationalize with a tantrum. I say tantrum because during a tantrum, your kid isn't her/his usual self. It's like the id version of your kid comes out.
I will admit though, sometimes I could be like a kid and let the id out sometimes. I'm sure I'd probably feel better. Sure at the end of it, I'd still have to do the grown up thing but I bet it's cathartic.