Friday, April 23, 2010

She's eating healthy and that's what's important.

TG started feeding 'Brown Bear' today. In between her meal, she sat Brown Bear in Brown Bear's mini Tripp Trapp, buckled her in and fed her. Then she took out the tea kettle and cup, poured some tea for him and gave him some drink.
Afterwards she instinctively took him off his chair and 'changed his diaper'.
Tater tot is a little mommy. It's very cute.
It reminds me of how she fed me my dessert at the restaurant two weeks earlier.
She also fed me the fresh strawberries I prepared for her that she still will not eat.
The kid does not like fresh cut berries or oranges or apples. She loves bananas though. The only way she wants to eat the fruit is cooked or mixed in as a puree with her plain yogurt.
I know I shouldn't complain as some kids are fruit addicts but sometimes I wonder if my kid will ever be like the other kids at the playground who happily snack on blueberries, walnuts and orange slices. For us snacks are: veggie pancakes, cheese sticks, graham crackers, cereal or pureed fruit.
She won't eat veggies raw either. Unless they are cooked, she's not touching them. Oh and if it's not a carrot, squash, spinach, zucchini, eggplant or some other veggie that can resemble spaghetti (thin strands) forget it. Salad, no. Raw spinach, no. She'll tell you what the veggie is but eat it raw? No thanks. Oh and she even has fun cooking and helping me mix the raw ingredients. Eat it though, no thanks.
One day, I suppose.
I shouldn't complain I know. At least my kid loves some veggies and isn't into a lot of sweets.
She has taken to chicken again and she ate 6 whole shrimps last night. That's something. Some kids don't eat protein.
Oh and she loves her plain yogurt with fruit and her hummmus.
She's growing and she's healthy and she's eating healthy foods. In time she'll eat blueberries raw and apple slices. Until then, this Mommy continues to poach and bake fruits and shred veggies for her Tot.