Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother, I demand milk.

TG is starting to use more sentences or verb & noun phrases.
She says things like, "Give me milk!" when she wants to nurse now. What's even funnier is when I give her the sign for milk and she verbally answers, "Ok!"
One of my favorites is when she's looking for her friends or stuffies. "Jay Raffe! Where are you?" She hunts around searching and searching and listening in the hopes that her Jay Raffe will respond.
She does this with her human buddies too. "Tuna! Where are you?" Come here, Tuna!" It's hysterical.
The best phrase (or set of phrases) though has to be at night when we get ready for bed. After DH tucks her in, she says, "Good night, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy. Close Door. I love you, Daddy."