Saturday, April 17, 2010

Maybe my child should be an investigator.

My daughter has now become the inquisitor. "This?" "This?" She points and asks what everything is. She's also becoming a parrot and DH is taking advantage of this and teaching her lovely words and phrases such as, 'buttface' and 'loco' which she says with an inflection.
She's becoming a sponge and this morning I said, "Good morning. Glad you didn't wake up funky today." She responded, "Funky!"
I love how my daughter is so talkative and does a fairly good job in expressing herself. She is though starting to display the tantrums of not being able to fully express herself and/or not getting her way that are associated with her impending 2nd birthday.
Everything I read says that it's actually the toddler years and not a single year that this lovely period comprises. It begins on average around 18 months and carries over to around 3-4 years of age. Lovely.
We used to be able to tell her to count to ten to learn to be patient and control her tantrum do to inability to express her needs. Nowadays depending on my tone, she'll play along or she'll ignore me.