Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lick a Snozberry. It's tastes like a Snozberry.

When it comes to eats, I take what I can get. Right now, TG is loving shrimp and chicken. So we've been eating shrimp or chicken nightly for a few weeks now. She's especially fond of roasted chicken and Thai shrimp. Whatever gets my child to eat protein.
I should be happy my toddler is as selective as she is. She does this look when checking out food, new and old. It's a look I'm accustomed to. It's the look my husband makes when he's inspecting food. It's a mixture of mistrust and association.
Toddler seems to like certain foods and sticks to them. She doesn't like anything out of the ordinary. She's still not too keen on spinach pasta but loves her whole wheat pasta.
The one good thing about this is that she doesn't take food from strangers, yet.
A few times folks, meaning no ill will, gave my daughter food and she adamantly shakes her head, pushes the food away and turns her head and says, "No."
Some of her friends eat like a hungry stray cat. It makes me jealous to see them noshing on blueberries or pepper sticks while my daughter eats a cheese stick or mashed peaches but I know she'll get to like berries in time.
I'm eating oranges, mandarins, clementines or tangerines daily now. Partly as it is a seasonal craving. Partly so she can see fruit and what they look like whole. She still mistakes them sometimes for grapefruits which she loves to watch us eat but now she understands that we peel oranges and inside their are segments she happily peels and gives to us. She even smells them.
I spend time at the grocery stores with her pointing at fruits and veggies. She seems to enjoy it. Sometimes much to my chagrin, she'll try to lick an item. I think it's because she's smelling the items and it seems natural to lick it. Man, I hope she doesn't get some weird pesticide issue.