Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Irrational mommy alert

With DH's 5'7" height and my lumbering 5'2" height we really do not expect our daughter to reach Amazonian heights.  Still when I see TG next to her buddies of late I wonder where is her growth spurt.  I feel as if I see them in the morning and after their pm nap they've grown.  
Sure they are boys and they spurt differently.  Sure their parents are all rather tall.  You'd think I would be rational about this.  Ha. 
Where is TG's weird one minute her head looks larger than her body?  Where's TG's leg growth spurt?   
Sure I love her Buddha belly that all babies get when they first learn to stand and walk.  Sure my back is thankful she is under 30 lbs.  
I guess it's only normal for parents to aspire for their children.   Sure I destine for her to be the best and to be happy.  Right now I really destine for her not to be he kid stuck kneeling on the floor holding the class identity plaque for school pictures.  Yes this is clearly some deep psychological stigmatism from my youth.