Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family date: Concert and a Lunch

The missed nap yesterday caused TG to wake up at 6am today. I was afraid this would completely screw us and cause a meltdown at the 11am concert we had tickets for but her body somehow knew and she took a quick nap at 8am-9am.
We went to a Justin Roberts concert. He's one of our daughter's favorite musicians. She was in awe. It wasn't so much her being star struck but it seemed more of a disbelief that what she usually hears on the laptop and phone and car radio is live with real instruments and dance moves.
She didn't want to leave my lap or my arms but didn't stop staring at the stage. She's seen other concerts before and she usually has the same fixated look on her face but this time it was different. She seemed completely aware that this was a man who sang the songs she likes but in person.
DH took her to the wings for a bit and according to him, she started opening up and chatting and pointing. He wasn't quite sure what she was saying but it was a clear and definite conversation about what she saw.
Afterwards we went out to eat lunch. We rarely go out to eat a restaurant so it was a nice treat and it's also nice to know TG is generally good about sitting at the table and eating with us. I think part of it is how we make an effort to eat a meal together at the table at least once a day.
Of course the meal didn't have it's share of memories. She fell under the table head first at one point. She slipped under the bench seat and her feat were dangling in the air for a bit before she fell completely. I chuckled and looked under the table to find her annoyed but not hurt or crying.
I also ordered a treat for myself, orange sorbet. I don't usually offer sweets to her but I thought it was a special day. She disliked it. She did however decide that she would feed Mommy and a few patrons chuckled watching her feed me my entire, and I mean my entire bowl of orange sorbet.