Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easy ups, Jewelry and Shoes

TG woke up at 5:15am again. This time though she woke up looking for her Daddy. She went to bed the night before without saying good night. DH was in class. I quieted her down and helped her get back to sleep at 6:30am. DH was in the living room doing homework and preparing for a paper.
I received a large box of Pampers Easy Ups as a hand me down. We've been using them not to train TG. She doesn't rip them off and they seem to be a little more absorbent and less bulky.
It's also reminding me how she's growing up.
She found one of my pearl necklaces a few days ago and DH put it on her and she wore it all day under her clothes. It was adorable but also frightening how girly stuff just happens. I don't wear much makeup or jewelry anymore yet she knows somehow that stuff goes on your neck and wrists.
She also looks at my wedding ring and says, "Mommy's ring."
Oh did I also mention her obsession of shoes?