Monday, April 19, 2010

Does a toy stroller fit in a yoga mat bag?

We stopped using the Ergo. It's officially been a month since we've used it. It's not that she's too heavy to be worn but that she's too inquisitive and likes her freedom to move about.
We occasionally use the stroller mainly for long jaunts. For the most part, we carry her or she walks.
We're packing lighter these days as well. The diaper bag is pretty much out of commission. I bring perhaps 1 or 2 diapers and a small package of wipes and kleenex. These days, her bag is a small canvas tote filled with snacks (plenty of them), water and toys (mostly crayons, paper, stickers, chalk, bubbles, a book etc). Gone is the extra set of clothing I used to carry. The only clothing I may carry is a sweater or jacket and her sunglasses.
She's into pockets now though so sometimes she puts her sunglasses in her pockets.
If we go on long excursions that may cause her to nap outside of home, I bring, Raffe, her lovey. Other than that, it's light packing these days. Why then do I still feel like Sherpa. Could be the toy stroller that TG usually desires wherever we go.