Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 mins after she has this, am I going to regret the noise machine?

So, I'm thinking of getting a keyboard for our less than 2 year old.
I wanted to get a toy piano but DH thinks that's a waste of money.
He wants to get something more substantial and what he thinks may last longer.
keyboard with software for the computer that allows a kid to play a game that essentially teaches them basic sounds and notes.
Of course this extremely advanced for TG.
Today though I had an epiphany. My daughter isn't even 2 and just because she loves her piano book and her xylophone doesn't mean she's going to be playing Carnegie Hall in 5 years.
I just want her to have fun and expand her interest in music.
She loves her bongos. She loves her xylophone, piano and maracas. She loves her stylophone. She loves to attend concerts and stops and hunts for music wherever she goes.
I just want to continue the love not put her on some advanced regimen.
So I found this, a toy keyboard with mixer. It's a toy and cheaper than the advanced learning software doodad. It's got lots of buttons which she'll love. It has a microphone which she would love. Currently she's been using her Thomas the Engine microphone book for everything. It plays kids songs in different genres so she can hear Old MacDonald in Jazz or other types of music genres. She can also record.
My brother wants to get her something frivolous and this may be it.