Saturday, March 27, 2010


Z-girl is getting old. Her legs aren't sturdy enough to climb even two steps. For awhile now, we've bypassed our front entrance which has 8 staggered steps. We've taken a ramp access that has two steps. Today she couldn't even go up those steps. We had to take the basement ramp.
I feel for the girl. She's 13 years old and after we lost P-man to old age last year, she's been alone.
TG has always been around a dog but DH and I made an agreement that our hands are too busy with a toddler that a new dog, young or old, would be too much for us. And so when it is Zoe's time, we may go sans pet for awhile.
It will be a first for us. DH and I have always had pets. 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 ferret, a 70 gallon tank of fish and several dogs we've taken in for a night have lived with us. Oh, and two pigeons, if you recall the pigeon incidents.
I think it would be lonely and a bit out of sorts. I'm not sure how long we would be without a pet. I gather if we are true to our word and we also decide to have another child, it will be some time.
As a child, I always wanted a pet. I never got one until I was 9 years old and even then it was a fish. I know children that age aren't very responsible but I always felt a little different. I did my own wash at 9.
Will TG know something is different? Yes, I'm sure. Every morning she says, "Hello, Zoe." How do you explain the loss of a four legged family member to a toddler? Will she feel loss? Sadness?
I hope Zoe's health remains strong and doesn't deteriorate but I also don't want her to suffer.