Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yes, I'm obsessed with sleep.

I know it seems as if all my entries are about sleep but it's been on the brain. If you are a parent to an infant or toddler, I'm guessing you can understand.
Today I made it a point to be vigilant of our time and to follow TG's cues regarding naps and sleep.
She woke up today at 8:30am. Her sleep was not as restless as the previous night. She did seem to be more pooped than usual. That's what you get for skipping naps two days straight, I suppose.
We went to church and then had some playtime. I planned on heading to the bedroom at 12:30 to see if she'd like a nap but when we got home, TG immediately asked for bed. She does the sign for bed and says, 'bed.' She napped from 11:30a-1:30p. I gladly joined her in her nap. As I dozed off, I recall wondering if daylight savings and the lighter bedroom would effect her but she seemed to fall asleep rather quickly.
She woke up miffed. I did too. It was that kind of wake up where it's so bright out you wondered if you slept the day away. She quickly recovered and spent the afternoon at the playground with her Dad while I cooked up a storm.
We had dinner at 6p and at 6:30p she started her usual bedtime routine. She said, "Cleanup. Brush Teeth." She then took her broom and mop and started cleaning up the area near her high chair her first step to getting to bed.
She was out fast asleep by 7pm. I hope she sleeps until 8am.