Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We finally got a chaise much to the happiness of DH

I love how my daughter requests to go to bed, whether it's for naps or bedtime. Today at 7pm on the nose, she signed 'bed', said it and then located her lovey and held out her hand so she could escort me.
Her sleep is still fluctuating. Essentially with me, we generally nap within 5 hours since wake up. With DH it's usually a bit later as they are out and about doing multiple things. I have no problem with this except later naps (around 2-3pm) equals later bedtimes which this tired Mommy finds harder for both her and TG. She likes to start her bedtime routine at the same time but then she's wired and we hang out for 60 minutes until she finally passes out.
Still, I don't complain because, she seems to like naps. She loved the bed. She has a healthy attitude towards sleep and on average she gets the recommended 13 total hours of sleep she seems to need.
On the family front, DH took a big step in trying to reclaim a portion of our living area. He purchased a new couch with ottoman coffee table and new toy bins(wooden with cloth baskets). I'm super impressed and love the look. DH loves his couch with chaise. I'm fairly certain he planned to nap on the chaise the first day.
It's leather and TG loves climbing up onto it and sometimes reads a book or flips through her 'computer'. Our living room sort of looks grown up again. just ignore the million crayon pieces, chalk, easel, various rolling objects and giant ball tent.