Wednesday, March 03, 2010

TG has a sinus cold.

Today is our anniversary, our wedding anniversary. I'll discuss this later.
Right now, it's about a toddler with a sinus cold. Today, she had something that I'm going to guess is a category 4 meltdown although, I don't really count meltdowns where I know what the issue is and I can talk my daughter down from it. Still it was a meltdown as nothing could make her feel better until...
Today, her cold turned into a sinus cold. The last few days I've been on boogie duty. Well, the first day I was but then I realized something I forgot was in my arsenal, breastmilk. Breastmilk up the nose can help dry up boogies like no other. DH nosefridas the nose and then I put some breastmilk in both nostrils. This makes for easier breathing, the throat is soothed a bit and she doesn't sound like a wheezing mess trying to go to bed.
Unfortunately though, you still have to contend with the congestion coming out some how. By the way, a toddler learning how to talk with congestion is the funniest thing to me. It's like an old chain smoking granny with a child's voice. Am I the only one that finds it humorous?
Anyway, DH has been walking around with the nosefrida in his back pocket and I've just about run out of Kleenexes and Boogie Wipes.
Bedtime is easier with the breastmilk trick but today the nap was not good. Right now, I'm typing this while sitting on our balance ball with TG in the Ergo on my back. That was the only way to settle her.
DH this time figured it out. He's a genius. "She probably has a sinus headache if she can't express it."
Sure enough, two minutes later, while I was holding my glazed child she started banging her head with her hand and making this awful looking face as if two hamsters were duking it out in her head. "Head hurt?" TG nods then says, "Eyes."
Sinus headache. Now I don't wish that on any adult. I could only imagine what it's like for TG. Hence she didn't want to lay down to nap even though she was exhausted because her head was on fire and her sinuses were backing up.
DH gave her Tylenol and now she's on my back fast asleep on the Ergo. Makes sense as I prefer to sleep upright whenever I have sinus cold. Hope tonight won't be as rough.